Rehearsals, music and membership

New members are welcome on all instruments, including percussion.

If you learned a brass instrument at school but haven't played for a while then come along and get going again! Or if you are already a musician who would like to try us out, please come along.

We meet every Friday night (except in August when we all take a month's break) in Borehamwood from 8.00 to 10.00 p.m. Potential members and visitors are always welcome at our rehearsals on a Friday night and at the pub afterwards. Rehearsals are quite fast-paced and if your sightreading is rusty it will soon improve. However they are also quite relaxed, and occasionally people bring well behaved children and dogs and nobody minds.

We don't contest at present, preferring to perform at local events and concerts for a fee.  This way we make enough money to play at charity events for free, supporting the local NSPCC in particular. 

We don't have subscriptions, but we do ask that members commit to the events in the band’s calendar.  Most of us have family commitments and so we don't have too busy a year, with the main events happening in June and July and, of course, carols at Christmas.

If you are interested in coming along, please contact us beforehand to ensure we are meeting and check where we'll be, as we've been practicing in some different venues since re-starting in the summer of 2021. Email our Secretary,